Thank you for your interest in the LGBT Network’s National Coming Out Day Campaign!  For 2020, the Campaign is being run all virtually.  Please sign-up below to access our Virtual Campaign Materials.  We can also provide you with a virtual training for free!

Thank you for helping to create safe spaces where LGBT people can Live, Learn, Work, Play, and Pray.

Use the form below to register your office, house of worship, library, school, college, senior center, non-profit organization, union, government agency, gym, civic association, or any other organization – or yourself as an individual!

When you sign-up, you will be listed on our website as a participating organization.  In doing so, people in the community will know your organization is working to be a safe space for LGBT people.  You’ll also be able to access our Virtual Campaign Organizing Kit featuring materials you can print yourself and/or use on social media: