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10/02 | 6:00P | Netflix and Chat: But I'm A Cheerleader

Join our chat as we watch “But I’m a Cheerleader” together. Chill out and join us for a gay classic this Friday night as we get ready for National Coming Out Day.

10/02 | 7:00P | Friday Night OUT Coming Out Stories - Discord

Friday Night OUT has gone VIRTUAL! This is the destination for LGBT youth, ages 13-21, and their allies on Friday nights! This is YOUR place to talk and BE YOURSELF.

In celebration of National Coming Out Day,  we will invite attendees to share their Coming Out story! We all have the power to use our voices and share our stories!

10/5 | 7:00P | Paint n' Sip: Coming Out

Join us for a community favorite… Paint N’ Sip! We’ll be virtually celebrating National Coming Out Day through art.  We provide the images and good conversation. You bring the talent and cocktails. Recommended supplies to have:  heavy paper or poster board; acrylic/tempura paints, or markers.

10/06 | 7:00P | Trash Talk Tuesday with Avant Garbage: Coming Out as Bisexual or Asexual

Most people think they don't know anyone gay or lesbian, (even fewer people think they know someone who is bisexual or asexual) and in fact, everybody does. Coming out and letting people know who we are, disabuses their fears and stereotypes. Join Avant Garbage and her guests as we discuss our coming out experiences and the stigma’s associated with being Asexual and Bisexual in today’s society.

10/08 | 6:30P | TGNCNB Check-in: Coming and Possibility Models

To paraphrase Laverne Cox, seeing other trans people ‘COMING OUT’ living and thriving allows us to imagine different possibilities for ourselves. Who are your possibility models - TGNCNB people in your life or out in the community who inspire you to be the best version of yourself? Participants are encouraged but not required to share a clip, artwork, poem, or more on the topic. 

10/09 | 5:00P | A Letter To Your Future Self: Coming Out Edition

If you could deliver a letter to your future self, what would it say? What do you wish for yourself or advice could you give? Join us as we do just that and set intentions for the future in a safe space. Open to all ages. 

10/09 | 7:00P | NCOD Open Mic: Share Your Coming Out Stories   

To celebrate National Coming Out Day, pick up the open mic and share your coming out story and/or listen to folks of all ages share their stories.  How is coming out a process? How were you received? How did you come out? How many times did you come out? In what decade did you first come out? How is coming out similar and different for different people? Listen. Learn. Share! All are welcome, including Allies.