Safe Space to Live

Creating safer living environments where our neighbors are welcomed in the community, so that LGBT people are safe to live as their authentic selves.

Safe Space to Learn

Creating safer, more supportive learning environments for LGBT youth, so that LGBT youth can learn in a school free from harassment and bullying.

Safe Space to Work

Creating safer working environments that are affirming and inclusive of LGBT employees, so that all employees can achieve their full potential.

Safe Space to Play

Creating safer and more supportive environments for LGBT athletes and fans, so that LGBT people can participate fully in athletics and sports activities.

Safe Space to Pray

Creating religious and spiritual environments that are welcoming of LGBT people, so that LGBT people can integrate their faith fully into their lives.

Pledge for Safer Spaces

Help to create Safer Spaces.  Sign the Safe Space Pledge, and together we will ensure that LGBT people, their family, and friends, can be safe to Live, Learn, Work, Play, and Pray.
The percentage of LGBT people who are made to feel unwelcome in a neighborhood or housing because of their identity
The percentage of LGBT students who report verbal harassment in school
The percentage of transgender workers who have experienced workplace harassment
The percentage of LGBT adults who regard major faith groups as unwelcoming