Use the form below to register your office, house of worship, library, school, college, senior center, non-profit organization, union, government agency, gym, civic association, or any other organization!  We’ll send you a National Coming Out Day Campaign Organizing Kit which includes:

  • Rainbow ribbons, safety pins, and “ally” stickers so that people in your organization can participate
  • 13″ x 19″ Full-color campaign posters to display
  • 4″ x 6″ info cards to distribute
  • Pronoun stickers
  • An organizing manual that provides tips and suggestions about implementing and running the campaign to make it the best it can be

Take advantage of our free Campaign Implementation Trainings for you or your organization to achieve the greatest impact with the campaign.  Our trainers will share secrets of success such as planning in advance, securing support of co-workers and supervisors, and collaborating with other departments.  All it takes is 30 minutes!  Trainings are available in-person for you and your team.

To request an in-person training, fill out the form below!