What is the National Coming Out Day Campaign about?

The LGBT Network’s NCOD Campaign is a one-day campaign that engages communities to take a stand against the discrimination, violence, harassment, and bullying of LGBT people by coming out in support of safe spaces where they Live, Learn, Work, Play and Pray.

People participate in the campaign by wearing a rainbow ribbon, a symbol of LGBT Pride and history, as a way to visually “come out” in support of safe spaces for LGBT people.

Who is running the campaign?

The LGBT Network is running the National Coming Out Day campaign.

The LGBT Network is a home and a voice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, their families, and support networks of Long Island and Queens across the lifespan.

The LGBT Network is the only organization on Long Island wholly dedicated to serving the LGBT community.

Our four community centers, located in Bay Shore, Sag Harbor, Woodbury, and Long Island City, help LGBT people to be themselves, stay healthy, and change the world.

Founded in 1993, we have a 25 year history of pioneering advocacy and change to promote safe spaces not only within our programs, but in schools, workplaces, organizations, and the larger community.

Learn more about the LGBT Network at www.LGBTNetwork.org.

When does the event take place?

National Coming Out Day takes place on October 11, 2018.

Who can participate?

Everyone can participate!

How do I participate?

  1. Sign the Safe Space Pledge
  2. Volunteer to help cut rainbow ribbons
  3. Make a donation to help support the campaign
  4. Wear a Rainbow Ribbon or “Ally” sticker on October 11, 2018
  5. Register your group to implement the NCOD Campaign in your institution
  6. Invite a trainer into your organization to help you implement the campaign

How does an organization or institution participate?

What is a safe space?

A “Safe Space” is an inclusive environment that affirms LGBT identities; supports LGBT people in living as their authentic selves fully, openly, and freely; and fosters the achievement of their full potential.

The LGBT Network’s Safe Space Program works to create safe, LGBT-affirming environments for LGBT people, their families, and support systems, beyond the walls of our community centers, in the places where LGBT people Live, Learn, Work, Play and Pray.

Do I have to be LGBT to participate?

No!  We encourage participation by anyone and everyone.  It takes a village to create safe spaces for everyone, and allies, family, and friends are a critical part of this effort.

Can I get materials at a nearby LGBT Community Center?

Yes!  Materials can be picked up at the LGBT Network’s community centers in Woodbury, Bay Shore, Sag Harbor, and Long Island City.  If you are a school, please call 631.665.2300.  If you are a business, place of worship, civic, government office, or any other type of organization, call 516.323.0011.

Do I have to come out to participate?

When we use the term “coming out” in the context of this Campaign, we are not referring to someone coming out as an LGBT person.  People participate in the Campaign by coming out in support of safe spaces – not about their LGBT identity.  Therefore, anyone can participate.

What does the rainbow ribbon mean?

The rainbow ribbon is an international symbol of LGBT Pride and History.  Wearing the rainbow ribbon is a way to visually “come out” in support of safe spaces for LGBT people.

What does 'ally' mean?

An ‘ally’ is a term used to describe a person who is supportive of LGBT people.